Lack of access to safe drinking water is a major cause of ill health and loss of productivity in impoverished rural communities. It is also the principal cause of life-threatening diseases among infants and children. Access to safe drinking water and a healthy living environment are overarching goals that shape Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha health development
Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha works with government Primary Health Centers and follows a threefold approach, which includes preventive, promotive and curative health care services leveraging traditional knowledge in medicines and health practices.

Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha couples the establishment of sanitation infrastructure with school & community based hygiene education programs. Children that adopt hygienic practices encourage their parents to do the same. Additionally, children who are raised using toilets are comfortable with this practice and help to influence the sanitary practices in the community.

In order to ensure that communities can access government health services, Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha organizes health camps in cooperation with the staff from the village’s primary health center and other village level health staff in remote regions. As malaria is endemic in many areas of the state, Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha prioritizes measures against this disease. For example, health committees distribute mosquito nets, promote early blood testing to prevent death, establish drug distribution centers, chlorinate wells and advertise government treatment programs. Shree Revansiddheshwar Bahu Uddeshiya Sanstha also facilitates government health programs for maternal health care and for immunization through the Pulse Polio campaign. Health Committees in villages also push government officials to provide regular basic health services.

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